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How to understand digital transformation

Leaders, their administrations, the economy and citizens face enormous challenges in digital transformation. People need an official source of help when understanding digitised government processes, and modernisation. Through a Digital Campaign and some help from “Vater Smart”, a friendly figure and Digital World “Explainer” to guide visitors through tangible answers to questions on digitalisation in the public sector. What started out as simple “what if” output from my creative team at IBM iX Studios in Berlin has grown into a full-fledged series and assistant to public sector employees in Germany.

Staat Digital

Hashtag transformation to public sector employees in Germany.

Content continuously generates new content

The campaign was activated by a film that was used in the web and has been implemented as well as a paid ad. Therefor various snippets of the web commercial have been used. In addition, several posts were generated, which raised questions about digital transformation. The answers to these questions led to a campaign microsite. As a constantly expanding content hub, another extensive web platform has been created on which Vater Smart was established as a protagonist again. There he showed up at local authorities. People from the public services could ask questions and Vater Smart took them by the hand and explained all important things about the certain topic. This content also formed the basis for new theme-specific micro-campaigns.

OoH campaign
OoH campaign element

Full scope of 360° communication

The campaign was rounded off by events at educational and professional fairs, theme-specific Twitter walls as installations, but also by small giveaways designed to make everyday work in the public sector a bit more pleasant: coffee cups, posters with humorous slogans, an instruction manual for a mouse as a mouse pad, the Vater Smarties, a USB stick as a floppy disk, etc. etc. etc. ... As a special gimmick pads were distributed in the canteens that referenced to specific content on the website via a QR code.

campaign activation film

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